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Sense of Self & Purpose

With or without children, life as a process of personal evolution can have us questioning who we are and what is our fundamental life purpose?

Such questions can deeply affect sense of self with repercussions felt through careers, relationships, sense of identity and orientation.

“A self that goes on changing goes on living,” 

Virginia Woolf

Now that I'm here, who am I?

Questions of identity and sense of purpose can create repercussions felt across every realm of life. Let's explore your big questions with compassion and generosity of spirit.


There are times in life, when we are agents of our own change. There are times when change is brought to bear upon us. 

Change is a constant and whether or not we are seeking it, skills and techniques to cultivate self compassion and resilience will support your capacity for responsiveness and adaptability.

Beginnings & endings

Passions, relationships, careers - they have their own season. There is no play book for the "right way" to experience beginnings or endings.

Feelings can be intense, confounding and surprisingly changeable. 


Many find their personal sense of identity, orientation, attraction and or expression remain fluid over their lifetime. 

Fluidity can include your felt sense of your gender identity and or your orientation - that is what gender am I now identifying as and who am I attracted to? 

Perhaps it's not you who feels they're changing, maybe it's someone dear to you and you feel you need to explore what it means for you.

Compassionate exploration of these questions can help you find warmth, compassion and acceptance of yourself.

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