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Nina Isabella

womanly counsellor

soulful  empathic  collaborative

Warm, person-centred counselling + nervous system nourishing somatic psychotherapies

of mindfulness, breathwork and therapeutic yoga seamlessly entwined for compassionate explorations of contemporary womanly themes:

  • fertility, pregnancy, birth preparation and birth debriefing

  • embracing the bliss and ambivalence of matrescence

  • riding the ebb and flow of relationships

  • harnessing the transformative momentum of menopause

  • honouring shifts in identity, orientation and life purpose

  • living intentionally with chronic health conditions

  • integrating loss & grief

  • and every step in between

The Womanly Counsellor

Unique therapeutic practice grounded in Master of Counselling, ancient traditions of therapeutic yoga and the contemporary practice of somatic experiencing:

  • Intrinsically Trauma-Informed

  • Humanist Orientation 

  • Evidence-Based

  • Honouring Diversity

  • Mindfulness & Breathwork

  • Somatic Movement

  • Woman-Centred Therapeutic Yoga

Matrescence &


Harnessing the
Momentum of 

Sense of Identity,
Orientation &
Life Purpose

Living Intentionally
with Chronic
Health Conditions

Loss &

Dedicated to supporting women and gender diverse folk navigating life's transitions. From the tender days of matrescence; to the tectonic upheaval of menopause; through life-altering chronic health conditions; shifts in identity, orientation and sense of purpose and every step in between.

What I can bring to support you in your process, is the warmth of intuitive therapeutic presence I have been cultivating through 25 years of service to birthing women and their partners. Bearing witness to the raw and magnificent vulnerability of humanity time and time again, has opened me to the healing that can be experienced when we are held in another's unconditional positive regard.

Face-to-face sessions in Kyneton & wherever you are Online

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