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Matrescence - Perinatal Counselling

One of the most significant rites of passage a woman will experience calls for a safe place to explore your relationship with your experience of fertility; conception; pregnancy; birth planning; childbirth and your unique entry into motherhood.

Here you will find unequivocally woman-centred, pro-choice, unbiased counselling support. 

Matrescence, Antenatal, Pregnancy, Postnatal- it's all Perinatal Counselling

At long last we are giving name to the life-altering impact of pregnancy, birth and mothering. Matrescence is sometimes referred to as a second adolescence. The experience of becoming, that happens through the time of contemplating motherhood, conception, pregnancy, birth and the year following the birth of each child.

In this time we are permanently changed - our brains are re-wired by motherhood, we are changed physically, mentally, emotionally to become the mothers our children need us to be.

So much happens in this time, that is rarely acknowledged, let alone honoured. There remains an ancient imperative within us to shed the skin of maidenhood and step into the bounty of our mothering selves.

Do you feel you have had opportunity to honour your own transition? Are you seeking a way to devote time, space and energy to reflect on the extraordinary distance you have traversed in your time on this sparkling blue planet; to articulate your hopes and dreams for the year, indeed the years to come?

Holistic counselling gives time and space to honour your own unique rite of passage.


  • Challenges in conceiving

  • Infertility and assisted reproduction 

  • Embarking on pregnancy as a non-heteronormative person

  • Miscarriage and pregnancy loss

  • Pregnancy after loss

  • Navigating working with medical professionals and supporting capacity to medical advocacy

Pro-choice counselling

  • Woman-centred pro choice, unbiased pregnancy options counselling

  • Pre and post abortion support


  • Now that I'm here, what now?

  • Anxiety, depression or having difficulty adjusting

  • Relationship concerns during pregnancy

  • Conscious birth preparation

  • Navigating pregnancy testing, potential outcomes and exploring choices

  • Preparing to pause or leave work for maternity/ parental leave


I have been supporting Rainbow families for two decades. Compassionately exploring fertility; pregnancy; finding aligned care providers and birth settings; birth preparation; birth and early parenting outside of the hetero-normative paradigm.

Soulful birth preparation

  • As the founder of mamashanti, have been supporting women  preparing for birth in Melbourne and Central Victoria for over twenty years.

  • Soulful birth preparation is all about offering you flexibility in childbirth preparation. Each element of my soulful birth preparation plays a unique role to create a unified and accessible way for you to claim sovereignty in your birthing journey; to birth your child with dignity and grace in any setting. 

  • Choose a service that best suits your needs and enjoy the immersive experience of taking my unique active birth practices from learned technique into the realm of instinct and intuition. This is what will create profound body-felt confidence in your own boundless birthing potential.

Birth debrief

Have you had time and space to honour your birth experience; to explore with compassion the elements of your experience?

The process of debriefing birth, carefully holding the kaleidoscope of the experience up to the light, can begin the life-long process of integration and can lead to new levels of self-awareness and appreciation. 

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